SELL OR RENT (Vendo ou alugo)

In Portuguese, with Spanish subtitles

Brazil 2013 – Color 88 min.

Director: Betse de Paula

ScreenwriterMaria Lúcia Dahl, Betse De Paula, Adriana Falcão, José Roberto Torero y Júlia de Abreu

WithMarieta Severo, Sílvia Buarque, Pedro Monteiro, Nizo Neto, Marcos Palmeira, Beatriz Vianna, Nathália Timberg Bom, Nicola Lama, André Mattos, Antonio Pitanga, Ilka Soares and others.


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Before, rich and now drowned by debt, a family with four generations of women inhabiting a mansion at the foot of a favela, near Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro. When the house will be auctioned if the accounts, Mary Alice must convince the mother, the daughter and granddaughter that the solution to escape bankruptcy is to sell the property in record time. Betting on the valuation of the house with the arrival of The Pacification Police Unit to the favela, appear the aleability of sell to an ex-robber appears, a pastor of the favela and a French business man who wants to invest in a "dangerous hotel ". Shoppers witness a shootout between gangsters and the police, which also interrupts gambling of elderly inseparable friends. To complicate things further, a young drug dealer asks these ladies coat and a group of police invade the house to do a search. Amid the colorful chaos, they do not know if all is lost, or if they will achieve once and for all solve their problems.
This multi-award winning comedy, perhaps the best of Brazil in recent years, it has an autor emphasis in the human and social gaze, politically incorrect characters and moments can generate laughter. Class conflict, violence and peace, property speculation and financial crises are topics in a mocking tone as "normal" without moral judgment. With a script that served as the staging and a brilliant cast, the fun takes us back to Buñuel's The Exterminating Angel and Italian comedy.


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