POLICEMAN (Ha-shoter)

In Hebrew, with Spanish subtitles


Israel 2011 – Color 105 min.
Director and screenwriter: Nadav Lapid
With: Yiftach Klein, Yaara Pelzig, Michael Mushonov, Menashe Noi, Michael Aloni, Gal Hoyberger, Meital Barda and others


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In an elite unit composed by arrogant and experts police, with their family affections and sexist values, Yaron has a wife about to give birth, one of his friends dying of cancer and the group under investigation for killing civilians during hunting a terrorist; but he remains calm and steady, as it should be a warrior in times of crisis. On the opposite side, a young upper class form a radical group that trained with weapons and manifestos for an act of rebellion to economic and moral injustices in Israeli society. The confrontation of both sides will take the Yaron patriotic conflict in a silently fought within himself.
Physical, sexual and political issues are mixed in this thriller that focuses on what the director calls "the largest Israeli taboo": the struggle of Jews against Jews. Formed in history, philosophy and cinema in Jerusalem, the debutant film exposes prejudice, sexism and nationalism exacerbated by the security forces of his country, denounces the climate of violence in with the population lives immersed because the interminable national conflict situation (with a general military service that extends to the school system) and challenges the apparent social cohesion of Israel, whose state advocates an ideal of uniting against the constant threat of an external enemy. The film caused a major stir in that country and required the -favorable- intervention of the Minister of Culture. Only the filmmaker Avi Mograbi has shown a dissident like this in the cinema of Israel.


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