THE GREAT NEWS (Les grandes ondes)

In French and protuguese, with Spanish subtitles


Switzerland / France / Portugal 2013 – Color 84 min.

Director: Lionel Baier

Screenwriter: Lionel Baier and Julien Bouissoux

With: Valérie Donzelli, Michel Vuillermoz, Patrick Lapp, Francisco Belard, Jean-Stéphane Bron and others



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In 1974, Radio Switzerland sends a journalistic team to Portugal, composed of a feminist activist, a decadent war reporter and a sound technician on the verge of retirement, with the mission of generating positive reports on the collaboration provided by the Swiss government to development plans of dictatorship, not an easy point in front of backwardness and corruption. But there is then the great news: nothing less than the Carnation Revolution wich opened the way for democracy in Portugal. The political, sexual liberation and technology intersect between geographical borders and language barriers.
Drama and absurd comedy, even laughter, it comes with a careful construction. This is demonstrated by this remarkable comedy with elements of real journalists in a historical setting, inspired by the unforgettable Hulot Tati, in the mood of Pierre Richard, in the poetry of Jacques Demy, in the French and Italian comedies of the '60s That proceed from Switzerland, a country known more for its seriousness and precision, is doubly surprising that deserves celebration. A curiosity: the director's friend and associate of director Ursula Meier, who visited us last year and who can recognize on the screen.


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