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In Spanish and Guarani, with English, French and Portuguese subtitles.


The most distinguished Paraguayan writer and Cervantes Awardee, creator of The Thunder between the leaves, Son of Men, and I the Supreme, returns from exile and undertakes a geographic and at both dreamlike journey to Iturbe, his village of infancy, finding the sceneries, the memories, and the characters that live in the pages of his books, to write his novel Contravida. In a mixture of documentary and fiction, the movie discovers the visions of Augusto Boa Bastos about history and the culture of Paraguay, and reveals the auhor as the protagonist of his own imaginary universe.


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DVD SPECIAL EDITION. Presentation by the director. Original Version 87 min. and commented by Hugo Gamarra and Agustín Nuñez. Languages / subtitles Spanish, Guarani, English, French and Portuguese. Selected Scenes. Gallery of Fotos, Critics, References, Literaries, Biographies, Technical Sheet. Unedited Scenes. Interviews. Total 4 hrs. aprox. Suitable for all ages. Only for private and academic uses. Copyright © 1998 y 2010 All Rights Reserved.

Original Idea and Direction: Hugo Gamarra E.
Narrated and Protagonized by: Augusto Roa Bastos
Script: Gloria Muñoz and Hugo Gamarra with the participation Agustín Nuñez
Music: Jorge Lobito Martínez
Director of Art and Casting: Agustín Nuñez
Director of Photography: Hugo Gamarra E. Sound: Peter Westermann and Kike Calabrese
Editing and Visual Effects: Mario Fuentes and Alfredo Fernández
Wardrobe and Makeup: Marilín Maciel
Camara: Pablo Ruíz Díaz, Adolfo Ferreira, Hugo Jacquet, and Siro Soares

Filmed with Natural Scenery in Iturbe, Paraguarí, Sapucai, Maciel, Salto Monday, Itá, Capiatá, and Asunción.Finalized in January 1998.
Paraguayan Production of the Film Foundation of Paraguay and Ara Films
Produced with support of CVC Comunications.

Selected and Distinguished in: more tan 20 festivals and show in cinemas of Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa.


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