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In Spanish with Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, and Italian subtitles.


The profession of Tito Juan Vera was to carry the magic of the cinema to the inhabitants of the interior of Paraguay. He and his family no longer live in that job, but they conserve thousands of rolls of film, posters, and equipment of that era. Juan tells of his experiences, shows the elements and secrets of his art, and commemorates the cinema in a special function performed for this documental.


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Movie (60 min.)
With subtitles in Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, and Italian
Extras: Trailer, Gallery of Photos, Filmography, and Comentaries
Suitable for all ages - Only for private and classroom use.

Commentaries, Screenwriter, and Director: Hugo Gamarra E.
Producers: Hugo Gamarra E. and Richard Careaga
Image: Richard Careaga, Emilio Ojeda, and Christian Nuñez
Editing: Eduardo Mora and Jorge Peralta
Live Sound: Luis Aveiro
Postproduction Sound: Alfredo Galeano
Chief of Productions: Liza Rubiani
Assisant in Productions: Javier Brun
Music: Eric Chapelle and Jorge Garbett

With: Tito Juan Vera and his family; Mr. Alejandro y Fidela Echagüe; Rosa Echagüe de Olmedo; Porfirio Benítez; Francisco Arnaldo Moria Berta Aquino; Francisco Ramón Aquino; Arsenio Sosa Aquino; Residents of Guarambaré Filmed in locations of the Central Department of Paraguay

Paraguayan Productions of Ara Films Produc. And Synchro Image Finalized in 2007

Selected for various international festivals, amongst the following: Espiello of España, Rio de Janeiro Cinesul, La Habana of Cuba, Atlantidoc of Uruguay, Chicago Latino of USA , of New Delhi in India, Valencia of España,Festival of Iberoamericana Memory in Tepoztlán de México, Punta del Este of Uruguay, Showing of Latinamerican Cinema Chile, La Paz amongst others. Awarded: 14th festival of Latin-American Video of Rosario 2007, Argentina, and the V Hispano-American Encounter of Cinema and Video for Independent Documental: Against the Silence All the Voices 2008 of Mexico.


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