In German, with Spanish subtitles


France / Germany / Canada / USA / Great Britain 2010 – Color 90 min.

Director and screenwriter: Werner Herzog


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Along with his fiction epic (Aguirre, Fitzcarraldo), the celebrated german filmmaker is admired for its poetic authorship in documentary remarkable voyages in search of the unknown to the wonder and the sensual pleasure of being in a wonderful world, wild and mysterious. French Culture Minister had the great wisdom of trusting Him alone to film in the Chauvet Cave, where well preserved since its discovery in 1994 the oldest paintings of humanity (23,000 years) and traces of humans and animals that were hidden for millennia and today demonstrate the cognitive and symbolic of our Paleolithic ancestors.
With minimal scientific and filming equipment, Herzog guide, detective and philosopher, without didacticism, a territory that we can never visit in person. In this scenario we discovered primordial initiation of dreams, magic, the first sketches of cinema. The images capture the vastness of the place and the amazing beauty of the paintings. The majestic music contributes to this solemn ode dedicated to our origins. A fascinating exploration into the human soul and a forgotten time.


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