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Spain / Belgium / France 2012 – White and Black 104 min.

Director: Pablo Berger

Screenwriter: Pablo Berger, inspired by the story of the brothers Grimm

With: Maribel Verdú, Daniel Giménez Cacho, Ángela Molina, Sofía Oría, Macarena García, Pere Ponce and others.


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A valiant, heady, even sublime film, a triumph of film art. Not trying to be imitation or a tribute to silent films, as it was The artist, and it loses nothing as an advance (even though its production start was earlier than the French film). The expressive power of pictures (admirable load expressionist cinema), elements of Spanish folklore, modern touch, the powerful music that sets the pace and creates climates with sound resources, reviewed the salient activities of women and accurate mounting all contribute to an amazing and exciting experience.
Never before had told the story of the brothers Grimm by this way, set in the world of bullfighting in the Spain of 20's, with tragic accents, jealousy and envy, with romance, humor and lyricism. Carmen is Blancanieves, a beautiful girl, daughter of a famous bullfighter, with a troubled childhood with his terrible stepmother. Fleeing from his prison, Carmen begins the adventure of his life, accompanied by their new friends in a traveling circus: a group of dwarf bullfighters, one of them, transvestite.


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