In English, with Spanish subtitles


UK / France / Belgium / Italy 2012 – Color 101 min.

Director: Ken Loach

Screenwriter: Paul Laverty

With: Paul Brannigan, John Henshaw, Gary Maitland, Siobhan Reilly, Jasmin Riggins, Roger Allam and others


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Barely escaping a prison sentence and stalked by gangsters won't let him start a family, young Glasgow Robbie tries to rebuild his life as a father of a son. Thanks to the veteran officer who oversees their hours of community work and in the company of pathetic new sentence friends, Robbie discovers a talent as a taster of whiskey and he dives in the sophisticated multimillion dollar business so typical of Scotland.
A graceful, transparent and touchingly human social comedy. In the line of his most memorable films, the lucid and rigorous English filmmaker (distinguished this year in Berlin with a Golden Bear Honorary for his 50 years of his career and the extraordinary consistency of his work, mostly awarded in Cannes, Berlin and Venice ) shows once again managed with great skill its realistic aesthetic, a bittersweet tone and a humanist sensibility that makes these truly system marginalized in small and lovable heroes. (The title refers to the name given to the 2% that evaporates in the process of making whiskey).


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