Release of the 21st International Film Festival
    September 7, 2012

    On thursday evening, September 6, was the official presentation and press conference of the 21st International Film Festival -Arts & Culture-Paraguay 2012 at the traditional seat of Benigno Lopez Carrillo Palace, National Foreign Ministry.

    The presentation table consisted of Hugo Gamarra, Director and Founder of the Paraguay International Film Festival; Aníbal Salas, Director of Cultural and Tourism of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Monica Ismael, Coordinator of Staff of the National Secretariat of Culture and Ana Martini Director of the Cultural Center of the City Manzana de la Rivera.

    Explaining the importance of film and film festival in all citizen development sectors, took the word Luis Vera, Chilean filmmaker, Osvaldo Ortiz, President of the Paraguayan Organization of Professional Audiovisual (OPRAP acronym in spanish); Toni Carmona, Journalist and President of Roa Bastos Foundation; Susana Salerno...

    "Resistente", premiere in Venecia
    September 6, 2012

    ABC Color brings another great news for the Paraguayan film. The short film "Resistente" of the compatriot Renate Costa ("Cuchillo de Palo") and the finnish Salla Sorri world premiere is programming on Thursday at the Venice International Film Festival in the section "Horizontes", which has its own prizes and jury giving space to more innovative formats. This section accounts for the largest number of Latin American productions, four in total, of which only one is a feature and choose the award for Best Picture in this section.

    The film runs for 20 minutes and its projection will be in the room Perla, where the jury will see this production with similar jobs in the United States, South Korea, Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Belgium and Italy.

    The director told ABC Color "The work was very right from the conception of the idea to the completion of the copy for this release. I am excited to see 'Resistente' on a huge...