The paraguayan film 7 Crates is the preferred by viewers in San Sebastian
    September 27, 2012
    Foto: Facebook 7 Cajas

    The film today held its second function room in Principe 3, at 16:15 (10:15 Paraguay), with 226 tickets sold and 92 seats available. Last night, the premiere was lived amid applause.

    A pleasant surprise for the directors and supporters of 7 Crates, begins saying the note of Ultima Hora, was the news that ran Thursday through social networks Facebook and Twitter that showed the high level of preference that has the movie in San Sebastian Festival, specifically for Euskaltel Youth category.

    In this category are valued public preference, based on their opinions matter where 7 Crates have the upper hand, because it got a full house in the room, in all presentations, and received all kinds of accolades, plus long applause.

    With a rating of 8.9% in acceptance, the film stands up among other accomplishments.

    The end result will be this Saturday and if 7 Crates win, will be a major achievement in this Festival for the filmmakers.


    September 14, 2012
    Flyer Paralles Activities

    For the weekend, the 21th International Film Festival -Arts & Culture- Paraguay 2012 prepares a feast as announced in its official blog

    Saturday 15 September

    On his last tour on Asuncion'a screens after the tremendous success of its premiere last July, PINA 3D comes back in one of his last two passes on Saturday 15 at 3:50 pm. The public who saw already said

    Another big release is the documentary CAVE OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS director Werner Herzog at 5:55 pm function. Another great film by unique German filmmaker such as guide, researcher and thinker.

    The Academy Award winner for Best Foreign Language Film in 2011, among other awards comes from Denmark...