Approaching the month of the greatest event in world of cinema in Paraguay

August 14, 2012


 The International Film Festival -Arts & Culture- Paraguay 2012 is pleased to announce the completion of its issue No. 21 this year leading to the screens the largest festival of cinema in our country which will allow the assessment of more than 31 feature films and as many short films from different countries and in character release for Paraguay.
From September 13th to October 4th will be the traditional date for the cinephile public enjoyment under the theme "Memories, dreams and fantasies" in the headquarters of the Festival the Villamorra Cinecenter.
There will also be sub offices of the 21 ° Festival in Asuncion and other cities.
Again, it is possible the realization of the oldest international artistic-culture enterprise in Asuncion through the sponsorship of the FONDEC, National Secretariat of Culture, FODECICA Film Municipal Development Fund of the City of Asuncion, Holding de Radio and Planet , under the auspices of Institutional Management of Cultural and Tourism of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Cinematheqe Foundation of Paraguay.
The 21 º Festival also has the support of Última Hora, Tracks and the International Hotel.
Among more than 30 feature films and as many short films in character of release in Paraguay, winning films of the most important international awards and works of national production.
As always, an important part of the Festival are the Parallel Activities. Will be held on 9th Film Forum of Mercosur and are planning talks by notable foreign professionals about: Screenplay, Direction, Production, Animation, and others.
Will also Section Arts & Culture, dedicated students and teachers, through the cooperation of the Organization of Iberoamerican States - OEI.
FODECICA sponsorship allows the Festival celebrates the 475 years of the city of Asuncion with a special programming opened to the public of Asuncion.
The final selection of films, programming and other details will be announced at the Launch of the 21st Festival the first week of September in the traditional framework of Benigno Lopez Palacio Carrillo, National Foreign Ministry (May 14 esq. Palma).