October 3rd, 2014
In Asuncion, Paraguay, on the 29th day of September, 2014, gathered on the occasion of the 23rd International Film Festival and in character of International Jury of the 2nd Screenplay Competition "Roa cinero"; Patricia Martinez, Daniela Seggiaro and Ray Armele, after evaluating the submitted works decide to grant the following awards:
  • For the location of an entertaining story in a rural area where the daily gains strength and symbolism, is given a mention to:
      PELO, by Monica Lairana (AYMARA)
  • In the humorous and entertaining picture of a popular subject, seasoned with a sharp and blunt social criticism, is given a mention to:

      LA EXCAVACIÓN, by Javier Viveros (PANENKA)

  • By tearing description of the rarefied atmosphere in a claustrophobic and terribly violent home, is given a mention to:
      AMOR DE ÑANDUTI, by Santiago Eguia (EL NEGRO)
  • By choosing a universal theme which confront modernity and technological enslavement the inalienable rights of man proclaimed, the CITY OF ASUNCION AWARD goes to:
      LA CARNE, by Bruno Almada (KURURU 92)
  • For high story of characters lost in the rural landscape, with a genuine and powerful narrative construction, the FIRST PRIZE is for:
      MYMBA, by Nestor Amarilla (YVY RA'Y)
The members of the jury expressed their desire to continue growing screenwriting in Paraguay, and all participants in this contest have a chance to compare their ideas, analyze them and improve them, finding a strong flow of well targeted proposals and the proper guidance, could generate significant and continuous visual movement.