October 3rd, 2014

In Asuncion, Paraguay, on the 29th day of September, 2014, gathered on the occasion of the 23rd International Film Festival and in character of International Jury of the 4th Short Film Contest "Ta'anga Kyre'y"; Betse Paula, Juana Miranda, Gabriela Sabate, Mariela Agüero Andres Portela and Leonardo Gavina, after evaluating the finalists short films decided to award the following prizes:

• For fresh and intense concerns and problems treatment of the adolescent world, with large visual display processing, Second Place Award for Student Short category is for:

OTRO TONO, by Fernando Vega and Johannes Gutenberg College students, enrolled by Prof. Diana Santacruz


• For the imaginative search of audiovisual resources that represent the magic of two parallel worlds, the Prize for Best Student Short is for:

REFLEJO, by Rebecca Elias, Janina Cristaldo and students of Colegio del Sol, inscribed by Prof. Guido Runde


• For the detailed and crude description of the relationship between two friends looking for a line of communication, being selected a finalist among all contestants on its merits and prominent among these as the Young Director's Short Film, this award goes to:

EL MEJOR INSULTO, by Estefania Acosta


• For the proper application of film language adaptation of a literary text, bringing it to the screen with care, the Best Screenplay Award goes to:

EL MEJOR INSULTO, Estefania Acosta


• On the expressive interpretation of a young girl who is at home rather than oppression and desperately longs for a way to escape, the Award for Best Performance corresponds to:

Andrea Yubero of NAGAROTH


• By choosing a controversial subject, portrayed with images and sounds great forcefulness, clamoring for the inalienable rights of human beings, the Special Award Women in Film is for:

NAGAROTH, Daniel Alberto Gonzalez


• For the called to reflection on human trafficking and its consequences in our society, in an intense and deeply rooted in the rural landscape aesthetic proposal, the Award for Best Short Ta'anga Kyre'y is for:

CARAMELOMI, Miguel Aguero